EMPOWER is a program for sports teams or individual athletes designed to improve an athletes flexibility, speed, joint mobility, strength, balance, and mental capacity through yoga and integrating breath awareness that reduces anxiety, increases competitive edge, builds confidence, and enhances mental clarity, all while boosting morale and team bonding. 

EMPOWER programs work with athletes to pinpoint the specific needs and weaknesses of a team or individual and creates a tailored program designed to target those areas. I analyze the athletes practice patterns, areas of injury, and overall environment to develop a plan of action that caters to the needs of each player. EMPOWER is broken into four pillars: Breath Work, Postures, Mindfulness, and Fascia Release.




I. Breath Work

 The lungs are a vital aspect for every single athlete, no matter the sport, but are often not even thought of. We can live days and weeks without food or water and only moments without breath, yet it is constantly forgotten. Integrating breathing exercises into our program allows the vital energy and lifeforce to pervade an athletes body. These exercises cleanse a players respiratory system and boost the immune system all while increasing lung capacity for better performance, focus, and endurance.  


II. Postures

 Players in a sport generally have the same movement pattern that they continually overuse, whether it is football, basketball, or field hockey--Movement For The Athlete analyzes those patterns and creates a set of exercises that will balance the body, while clearing the mind; giving a better sense of body awareness to the player and enhancing their competitive edge. 


III. Mindfulness

 The mind is just as important as the physical body on and off the field. In our program we integrate mindfulness practices that target the mental fitness of a player. We live in a world where we consume more than we can  process and there is incessant pressure, that constantly sets off the sympathetic nervous system (fight or flight response) causing players to feel overwhelmed and anxious. Mindfulness practices actually change the chemistry of the brain and body that improves an athlete’s performance, reduces player anxiety, and gives players that edge that will allow them to beat out their competitors.  Often the difference of a player reaching his or her goal or falling short is a momentary lapse in focus and awareness. Mindfulness allows us to eliminate this lapse while building self confidence and self love. 


IV. Myofascial Release


Recovery is key to success of an athlete and is another aspect that is often overlooked. Self myofascial release prepares the body for movement and accelerates recovery.  We implement this technique to reduce the chances of repetitive impact injuries and minimize muscular imbalances. Integrating theses practices into each session improves and maintains the integrity of the muscles and fascia leading to a quicker recovery and increase in athletic performance.

Choose to EMPOWER your Athletes


Our program is perfect for teams that require intense preparation over a period of time followed by immersion in highly stressful situations in which performance matters. Players will feel stronger, looser, faster, and more focused due to the strategies we implement in our sessions. More importantly the mental state of the athletes will develop into a place where they are confident, believe in themselves, and know how to react in high stress situation.

Whether you are a football player, swimmer, or acrobat--our method will fit your players needs.



  • Increased strength and stability                           
  • Enhanced focus
  • Increase Balance                                                          
  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Increase lung capacity                                               
  • Enhance team relationships
  • Increased power                                                         
  • Prevents Injury
  • Enhanced Recovery  
  • Improved con


  • Improves endurance
  • Enhance body awareness                                        
  • Improves mental control
  • Increased energy 
  • Improves mental resilience
  • Improved muscle function                                      
  • Increases adaptation skills
  • Increases acceptance of poor performances     
  • Enhances immune system
  • Reduces fear