Therapeutic Yoga Consultation

 Do you have chronic pain that has been interfering with your life for weeks, months, maybe even years? Or maybe you have an area of pain that has just popped up recently and is affecting your practice or daily errands? Perhaps you have digestive issues and can't seem to manage your stress? Then these sessions are the first steps of owning your power and taking your body back! 

These sessions will focus on those pesky painful areas throughout the body!  Yoga Therapy is a holistic healing approach that encourages integration of the mind and body to improve overall health.  We will utilize yoga postures, breath work, meditation, affirmations, diet, journaling (based around Dr. John Sarno), and other Ayurveda practices to improve mental and physical health. The sessions will encourage you to alter the way you perceive and live with pain, and is sure to leave you feeling more positive and free in your body. 

What to Expect

 Prior to your first meeting, you'll receive forms to fill out in order to  a comprehensive overview of your current health, conditions you may be facing, areas of pain and tension, emotional and mental states, and more. Your first meeting will be 90 minutes and you'll spend much of the time discussing the information on your forms, including the specific symptoms you are experiencing, and allow you time to share your story and ask questions. Then, I will look at your posture and go through a few yoga movements or breathing exercises to further assess your range of motion, breath capacity, lead you through a guided relaxation and more. Or you may just talk about just depends on what you need.

Follow Up
Between the initial consultation and follow up session, I will work to identify methods to help you manage your specific symptoms, but also look at the root cause or potential source of stress. It is my job to help empower you to take a more active role in your own self-care and during this follow up session, you'll go through the series of yoga practices, such as asana (i.e., movement), pranayama (i.e., breathing exercises) and/or guided relaxations, identified for your specific symptoms as well as continue to learn more about you, your health and your needs.


Consultation: $125 for initial consultation (60-90 minutes)

Follow Ups: $100/hr