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930 AM -YOGA HIIT Duxbury Open Doors

1115 AM - YOGA HIIT Plymouth Open Doors

430 PM - Power Yoga 1/2 Duxbury Open Doors

730 PM - Power Yoga 2/3 Duxbury Open Doors


8 AM - YOGA HIIT SoFit Duxbury

430 PM- Yoga HIIT Duxbury Open Doors

615 PM - YOGA HIIT SoFit Duxbury


 9 AM - YOGA HIIT Duxbury Open Doors 


7 AM - Power Yoga 2/3 Duxbury Open Doors

1030 AM - Power Yoga 2/3 Plymouth Open Doors

1 PM -Power Yoga 2/3 Weymouth Open Doors

Alternating Sundays

 5 PM - Power Yoga 2/3 Weymouth Open Doors 


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